Magicshine MOH 35 Headlamp Review
By FLASHAHOLICS | 16 September 2020 | 0 Comments

Magicshine MOH 35 Headlamp Review

Get the feature-packed MAGICSHINE MOH 35 here:
Magicshine MOH 35 all-purpose headlamp for general outdoor activities including hiking, camping, mountaineering, as well as running, skiing, cycling, etc. sports.
1. 1000 lumen max white spotlight 5500- 6000k temp 4300k temp floodlight for reading.
2. Soft and dim Red light, 3 modes, including SOS and Flash 21700 battery, 4000mAh capacity.
3. Type-C in/out IPX6 water-resistant Weight 12 oz LED CREE LEDs Beam intensity 3200 cd Max beam distance 120 meters (240ft) Main light temperature 5500 – 6000k Compatible battery types Proprietary battery pack.

4. 21700 @ 4000mAh capacity Waterproof rating IPX6 Net weight 107g (3.77oz) Charging max 15W (5V/3A).

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